What sets this book apart from other books on superfoods is that he backs up his statements with a glossary of studies at the back of the book. This could be one such moment for you and your family, although, when food is still available, we might not realize it. Clickbank Customer Support department number: 1-800-390-6035. This distinctive dish of boiled and dried dairy curds is how herders preserved the milk of their animals. Privacy Policy | Disclaimer | Terms and Conditions | Refunds Policy. nother food you’ll discover inside The Lost Superfoods comes from the wind-swept plains of Mongolia. Learn the secrets used by survivalists and the ancients to maintain themselves WITHOUT chemicals. Each of these groups had to find a way to survive the hardships of life, often times overcoming great obstacles along the way. You’ll also get the recipe for a “coated meat” that fueled the conquests of the Ottoman empire for centuries and prevented them from starving even when the “scorched earth” strategy was deployed against them. Before he went to the Lord his father asked Art for one final thing: to help him restore the lost survival knowledge of previous generations. You’ll also find out how to feed yourself for a whole month using just $100 at Walmart, the wild-growing superfoods that almost nobody knows about, the ins and out of canning both vegetables and meat safely for 20 years, how to prevent your foods from going rancid, seven deadly canning mistakes to avoid like the plague, how to make yourself a $20 DIY Food Bucket better than anything on the market today and the best 50 foods to dehydrate for your food stockpile. He called it The Lost Super Foods. This one kept elite assassin well fed on their month-long, covert missions when fresh food, and even drinking water, was hard to come by. This distinctive dish of boiled and dried dairy curds is how herders preserved the milk of their animals. In the end, you’ll have a scrumptious meal that requires no refrigeration for months and even years in some conditions. Report abuse. For Product Support, please contact the vendor at support@thelostsuperfoods.com, For Order Support, please contact ClickBank HERE, Mailing Address: 2549 Waukegan Rd PMB 45933, Bannockburn, IL 60015, Claude Davis Copyright © All Rights Reserved. The Lost Superfoods. They’d add what’s known as Chile saltpeter, slice the meat rather thinly and place it over sticks or a wooden pyramid. The US government spent millions to invent, but it’s super cheap to make or replicate! Plus, the way it’s cooked will surely make you smile and think back on your own childhood. The health food movement is often dismissed as hippy quack science, so backing up your s This is the most comprehensive guide to superfoods … The next superfood you’ll discover kept America from starving during the height of the Great Depression. It’s also a great, great source for almost every one of the essential B vitamins. It lasts for about two years without refrigeration, and the lard it’s kept in can also be used for cooking, for making soap, for treating burns, or as an added fat source whenever you need it. Art is a former college math teacher and a family man through and through. The Lost Book of Remedies is written by people who have taken matters into their own hands successfully after being written off by the establishment. CONTACT. Disclaimer. You’ll also find out how you can preserve almost any kind of cheese at room temperature. Through his study of Wild West and World History as well as keeping in close contact with survival experts from all over the world Art Rude was finally able to save the most powerful foods that we’ve lost to history inside one unique book. He believes we are all much more vulnerable today, compared to previous generations, especially when it comes to our food. As a father and grandfather, he’s always been concerned with keeping his loved ones safe from any disaster we may face in America. This food uses something most people throw away. As a key part of The Lost Ways book collection, The Lost Superfoods by Art Rude, Lex Rooker, Claude Davis and Fred Dwight offers an easy to navigate compilation of over 30 recipes of long lasting survival foods and stockpile recommendations. It's a life he steers with his own two hands, independent of grocery chains, pharmacies and big government regulation. And how many more just like him are out there in the world? I sent them an email and they handled my issue THAT SAME DAY. Description of pdf "The Lost Super Foods by Claude Davis, Fred Dwight" (eBook Version) You will first learn how to make your own secret American military superfood at home. You’ll always be able to keep your entire family well fed on it just by spending a few dollars. California residents are entitled to make certain requests in regards to their personal information - Do not sell my info ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. This one brought me more praise than anything else. Using this time-tested method will keep one of nature’s most perfectly designed and nutrient-packed foods from spoiling for up to a whole decade without refrigeration. It’s something they never even think of as real food to begin with! The Lost Superfoods is truly a book unlike any other. STORE. His very special relationship with music has him performing at live events for his community and traveling great distances to see his favorite artists perform. He called it The Lost Super Foods. by Cassandra Verdi MPH RD and Stephanie Dunbar MPH RD | Jan 8, 2019. They’re full of protein, vital fats, vitamins and minerals our bodies need to stay strong in any situation. Art even recorded a CD called “Rude Beginnings” which is available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon. The Lost Superfoods. ️ Discover this recipe in The Lost Super Foods book on page 95, along with many other long-lasting foods. The next thing you’ll find out about is not food. BOOK. Claude Davis – The Man behind This Survival Book. Many are thought to have survived because the vital nutrients in this complete food fortified their bodies. Book Description Superfoods are vibrant, nutritionally dense foods that have recently become widely available and which offer tremendous dietary and healing potential. The cheaper, the better. While his death devastated Art, it also made him realize that a big part of his father’s survival knowledge and skills would vanish with him. Everything is explained in a clear, precise step by step fashion, using colored pictures and easy to follow instructions. But you can use any type of fresh meat you like. Ever since his teen years Art’s inquisitive mind would not stop questioning how the world around works. Every household in America should have a copy of this fantastic book. He is also the man behind a popular survival website, the AskAPrepper(.)com. It’s filled with the lost superfoods that kept previous generations alive through the worst of times. This … For most of his life Art Senior was involved in the local community, leading public events and helping others overcome hardship and adversity. All the ingredients needed to make it—such as dried wheat berries—will last for a very long time in your pantry or cellar. Simply send me a quick email in the next 60 days and ask for a refund. They have 4 children, Ben, Brandon, Hannah, and Nicole. You will also find exact nutritional values for each food you add so that at all times you know exactly how many macro nutrients such as fat, carbs and protein your body is getting…and how many more you still need. He also instilled in Art a burning curiosity for how the world works and a desire to help his fellow man. 1. Over the years Art built himself an impressive survival pantry with just the little he could afford to spare out of his assistant professor’s salary. Diabetes Superfoods Cookbook and Meal Planner: Power-Packed Recipes and Meal Plans Designed to Help You Lose Weight and Control Your Blood Glucose. The first superfood is known as the “samurai superfood.” This superfood, which was supposedly invented by a vicious samurai, is packed with nutrients and probiotics (which will supply your body, specifically your digestive system, with “good” bacteria). The Lost Ninja Superfood By Rich M.July 1, 2019 07:02 History is filled with unique characters and unique groups of people, many of whom we can learn things from. The “Doomsday Ration” as it was called could keep an adult well fed for just 37 cents a day ($0.37/day). I’ll also reveal the exact way the Amish used to stockpile it for a few years in their pantry. This site is NOT a part of the Facebook website or Facebook Inc. Additionally, this site is NOT endorsed by Facebook in any way. the long-lasting “samurai superfood” and the “food miracle” of the great depression. I’ll also reveal the dehydrated Chili Bean Soup my family and neighbors used to beg me for. The Lost Superfoods is truly a book unlike any other. Most importantly, our grandparents knew how preserve the food they grew by turning it into superfoods that would last for months or even years without electricity in their pantries and root-cellars. This raw superfood was also adopted by the Royal British Navy at the end of the 17th century and has prevented countless deaths from scurvy since that time. 126 Forgotten Survival Foods That You can Stockpile for Years without Refrigeration. This superfood can give you all the healthy and vital fats your body needs in a crisis—without needing any refrigeration to keep good for at least one year! That is why you can profit a great deal from it in any disaster . The Lost Ways II. That trait was passed on to his son. This superfood is a snap to prepare, requires no refrigeration and has a decade-long shelf life. So, if you ever find yourself in a blackout or stranded without access to electricity just remember that all you really need to preserve your nutritious protein source is a dead fire in the backyard. I’ll also show you why as long as you can peel the bark off of this tree, you’ll never have to fear starvation. Their recipe, unlike modern variations, contained only long-lasting ingredients alongside the canned tuna…because nobody owned a refrigerator back then. You’ll also discover how to make Fruit Leather, the long-lasting solution for keeping all your fruits from spoiling, which they tend do to in a hurry, especially when left outside the fridge. Art sang lead in several area bands over the years, and has performed as a solo act for 15 years. Inexpensive nutritious and long-lasting superfoods are grandparents and their grandparents before them discovered over generations in this new book, the Lost superfoods We've managed to gather their complete recipes for the first time with Clear pictures, color, pictures and step by step instructions. They will do the same for you and your family, when the time comes. I’m also going to teach you how to make Mountaineer’s Tuna Stroganoff, which is one of the most satisfying survival foods ever invented. This food is called Tarhana, and unlike any regular soup, it will stay good for years on your shelf as the fermentation process kills all dangerous bacteria. Contact. Their time-tested method is revealed in minute detail in The Lost Superfoods. Plus, it’s also lightweight enough that it belongs in your bug-out bag too. There he picked up skills he had not practiced for many years, like building a log cabin, and he also started to dedicate more and more time to making and saving and the lost foods of our grandparents. The Healing Power of Backyard Plants at Your Fingertips. That is my personal “honor guarantee” to you. The lingering low heat and smoke would make for a perfect natural “dehydrator” and smokehouse. In the old days people grew most of what they ate in the backyard as vegetables or raised chickens and other small animals around the house. I’ll also show you the amazing, protein-rich soup the Kanienkehaka-Iroquois tribe invented using three of their sacred plants. But the skills and recipes needed to make these survival superfoods are all but forgotten. It’s no secret that cheese has been around for a LONG time—a lot longer than refrigeration. Read more. I’ll also reveal the “glass jar” method that will allow you to store the African equivalent of jerky, called biltong, for so long that you’ll probably forget where you stored it. A hundred years ago, people were A LOT more self-sufficient than your average American today. That often got him into trouble with authority but later it also helped him discovered what would become his life-long passion – mathematics. In 1983 Art started a family of his own when he married Grace Ely Bush from northern Minnesota. You’ll discover how to make your own U.S. secret military superfood that was developed during the Cold War and was meant to feed the entire US population in the harshest conditions. They had backyard medicine gardens, smokehouses, root cellars, wells, charcoal to purify water, and traps for wild game and fish alike, just to name a few. The Lost Superfoods: Book Review. 4.4 out of 5 stars 206. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. For years to come, so click the link below … We've saved this forgotten egg preservation method along with many other lost survival, superfoods and ingenious hacks. The Lost Ways II Book is like a time machine and perfect for preppers and survivalists alike. I’ll also show you how to get the most calories for the least weight and space. Rich in butyric acid, it will also help with absorbing the maximum amount of nutrition from any other food by protecting your gut lining and helping you stretch your food stockpile . The Lost Book of Remedies is written by people who have taken … Extremely few people in the world still know the recipe, but every ingredient needed can be easily procured in America as well. Now, he is sure that whatever happens he’ll have enough good food to make sure his large family will never have to go to bed with a growling stomach. This is what the first Viking explorers ate when they crossed the Atlantic and discovered North America almost 500 years ahead of Christopher Columbus. The 300-page book will also help you to learn about two other superfoods i.e. The thelostsuperfoods.com Web Site (the "Site") is an online information service provided by thelostsuperfoods.com ("thelostsuperfoods.com "), subject to your compliance with the terms and conditions set forth below. You will also discover a simple yet ingenious system that can allow anyone to put away more than 295 pounds of good food each year while spending no more than $5 a week. There are great recipes, good history, and some clever anecdotes throughout the book. And there is even more. 89 $19.95 $19.95. All the while he taught high school, he lived the “farming life” on his family’s ranch just south of the Canadian border, preserving everything he grew as the lost foods his father taught him and others he discovered on his own. Through his study of Wild West and World History as well as keeping in close contact with survival experts from all over the world Art Rude was finally able to save the most powerful foods that we’ve lost to history inside one unique book. View Details. Tarhana is a coarse dried food that is comprised of fermented milk, yogurt, and a mixture of fermented grain. It’s so nutritious it sustained the great Incan civilization through a four-year super drought which wiped out their southern neighbors. This one saved an entire village of Swedish farmers in 1869 when heavy avalanches blocked off their only road down from the mountains for months. You could say algebra runs in the Rude family. Because if you act right now, you’ll also get: two other reports for FREE. With over 126 forgotten survival foods and storage hacks “The Lost Superfoods” is a vital book to place in your survival stockpile. All it takes to build it is a couple of days of leisurely work and around $200 in raw materials. Ever since his retirement a few years back Art decided to move back on his old family farm in North Dakota. Absolutely anyone can start to make them today and benefit. A life of little hassle and enduring peace, at the outskirts of civilization where as Art likes to put it “40 below keeps the riff-raff away”. This one comes from the Amish people, who are experts when it comes to living a good life without electricity.