Plus, they have a raised shiny look to them which can be a cool addition to your paper crafting projects. Acrylic paint also works well on transparencies and has a great 3-D effect, especially if you’re using a stamp with the paint. Just general cardstock? You might need to add water if you find the paint too thick. Frame it with acrylic paint in the color of your choice. You can also use spray paint that has been manufactured specifically for metal surfaces. I paint nearly every Mod Podge project before the Podge goes on, and I use acrylic paint on projects that I don’t decoupage as well. You can also blend a little walnut-colored ink into your acrylic paint before you apply the paint. Acrylics are good on paper surfaces, and will probably work without any priming. via YouTube Capture You can also use the acrylic paint with a sponge or a stamp to make patterned cardstock from plain cardstock. Acrylic Pour on Vinyl Records. If you want to achieve a finish that is completely matte and opaque, you can use a gesso and acrylic paint combination. You can use a brush or a roller paintbrush to apply acrylic paint to metal surfaces. Im making a card, and i want to paint something on the front and would prefer to use acrylic. Ceramcoat can be cleaned up using soap and warm water. Just add a drop of water to the paint (and cover your work area!). When painting with acrylic you do not need to prime the paper first since the paint, a plastic polymer, will not damage the paper. Acrylic would probably acually be your best option next to Gouache. You can usually find them at craft stores as well as stores like Wal-mart and Target. Mainly because it dries very quickly and because it is easy to use and to come by. This helps the print look nicer on fabric, etc. So as you can see, working with acrylic on wood requires a bit of precaution, attention to detail and lots of patience! Copyright info about our Projects | Check out our acrylic paint on cardstock selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. It is better to clean up Ceramcoat paints while they are wet. … Does Acrylic Paint … However, if you'd like to make sure you don't get any bleeding (with thin paint) and your colors stay saturated you can always lay down a coat of acrylic gesso before you paint just to be sure. Apply a coating of acrylic paint over the chair using a paintbrush. You first can stamp the paint directly onto the layout and when it’s dried adhere a piece of transparency on top of the first stamped image and stamp a new coat of paint slightly off to one side of the original stamp to give it a popping out effect. You can make up for this by firmly packing the shoes with wads of paper and wadded up plastic bags until the surface you want to paint on is fairly firm. There are so many more. A primer will allow the acrylic paint to be fully absorbed by the wood. Can I use Ceramcoat paint on plaster? It does NOT matter what brand you get. So, you can see how many ways there are to use acrylic paint for scrapbooking projects, although these are only a few techniques. Yes, you can use acrylic paint on rocks––it is a recommended choice for painting rocks. You don’t like the color of your brads, tags or buttons? Apply a primer over the entire surface. Her portfolio consists of over 500 designed layouts and she was hired to design an album that was given to his Holiness the Pope in 2005 on his visit to Cologne, Germany. The name of her business is Memories Artwork. If you’re using a scrapbooking frame for your layout, paint or stamp it to match the layout. what yarn can i substitute for Bernat Blarney Spun? Is it weird for my fiancé to collect Hot Wheel Cars? Apply the acrylic paint. Instead of using ink for stamping, take a foam brush, dab into your favorite color of paint and brush a thin layer onto the stamp you want to use, press onto your layout. The colors are just wonderful! They have pigments emulsified in water (waterborne paints), after all, and are not solvent-based. Of course! While using acrylic paint on wineglasses, make sure that you don’t paint near the rim, as some paint varieties are toxic. What you can do is paint a base coat of white gesso for priming. Another yes! My first video!!! 2) Acrylic gel medium can make your paint go further. If I can get away with using acrylic craft paint, even on a furniture re-do, I will. Can You Use Acrylic Paint on T-Shirts and Fabric? You can also mix it into you paint to get cool effects like texture. This type of paint can be used with dry brushes, foam stamps or foam brushes and sponges, and as a base or for decoration. Still have questions? You may have trouble getting the paint to transfer evenly to whatever you're printing on. Another option is to use a light paint wash on your paper. Get your answers by asking now. You might see some bikers or … Furthermore, if you have colored cardboard and want to retain its color after primer, you can use a clear gesso or another transparent acrylic medium. My college is making us take our classes online since March because of covid. You just mix it into the paint.