Character It is disadvantegeous when Cryo or Radiation is desired, because Amara can't have these elements as her action skill element. Melee amara spec'ed with infusion (fire) Gear. Dread • Type I'm interested in this build but I don't know how viable it is in M10, any insights out there? Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. However, it has a high chance of causing enemies to stumble on hit like a normal melee attack, and wil… Restless • Yeah. Revelation • The Eternal Fist • Fracture • Though players of Borderlands 3 recently discovered an incredibly strong build for FL4K in Mayhem 4, a new exploit is allowing for infinite damage. The Face-puncher legendary shotgun in Borderlands 3 is a very strange beast. Face-puncher turns your melee damage into weapon damage, allowing you to fully commit to melee damage and still have the option to shoot enemies, should you need to. Since the arrival of Mayhem 2.0, Borderlands 3 is now in a weird, weird place.Mayhem 10 is where all the best loot is, … Glamour • One of them being that it shoots melee damage. It sucks I know. 5 Catharsis • I’ve been getting mixed answers some say it doesn’t increase your damage some say it does? Blitz • Body and Mind • Welcome to Borderlands 3 Blast through new worlds and enemies as one of four brand new Vault Hunters – the ultimate treasure-seeking badasses of the Borderlands, each with deep skill trees, abilities and customization. Personal Space • Illuminated Fist • However, since status effect damage is calculated separately for both portions, and an enemy can never suffer from two status effects of one element at the same time, status effect damage is reduced to 60%. To maximize this, get a two-shot version with a "+200% melee after using phaseslam" anointment and a White Elephant artifact that makes melee apply sticky bombs. Mindfulness • With an Amara build, as with the other Borderlands 3 characters, there’s a lot of scope for customisation.With each of her three skill trees you can push for different things: Mystical Assault focuses on maintaining consistent high damage throughout a fight. face puncher + white elephant) Borderlands 3. Not sure here, looking for suggestions If you're someone with a heavy melee build, or even just someone who prefers to get up close and personal, then this is the gun for you. Quer saber como obter o Face Puncher em Borderlands 3? Guardian Angel • The Face-puncher shotgun has relatively limited use, depending on your build, but it is ultimately a very, very interesting weapon that you might want to get your hands on. In Borderlands 3 Moxxi's Heist of the Handsome Jackpot DLC, Ember has had enough of the statues Pretty Boy has placed of himself around the … Gather Equipment – The Face Puncher. Ties that Bind • Trust In Yourself • Infusion is it better for her to have anima or infusion if I’m using a white elephant? Game Glow Up • Alacrity • Burn Both Ends • Infusion IS broken. Go With The Flow • For these scenarios, you should try to find a Face-puncher shotgun for your build. Expedite • Samsara • Rebekah is Jacob's mother in The Book of Genesis. Infusion: (I don't understand what it does?) Indiscriminate • Awakening • Infusion is a tier 1 passive skill in Amara's Fist of the Elements skill tree. Convert a portion of damage dealt by Amara's weapons into her Action Skill Element. A gun for punching. This can have advantages but also disadvantages. also does the anointed perk after using Phaseslam, Weapon Damage is increased by 300% for a short time help at all? It is most useful if the weapon doesn't have the desired element, most notably with non-elemental weapons like Jakobs guns. One With Nature • To increase the chance to roll for this gun, head to Skywell-27 … Amara's Action Skill Augment activates when she kills an enemy melee damage. Soulfire • Red text: South Park S10E10: 88. It is one of the best shotguns you can have in the game right and you can really achieve some insane things with … Cookies help us deliver our Services. Regardless, I use this mostly for cleanup and sustain due to the power of Ties That Bind + Do Harm + … (i.e. That's it. From Rest • The Face-Puncher is a Shotgun of the Legendary or Orange rarity in Borderlands 3. Unweave The Rainbow • Do Harm • It has been done! Hyperion - Manufacturer Description Sustained fire increases Hyperion weapons accuracy. It WILL convert your damage correctly but if you use a weapon with elemental damage, Infusion will override the weapons DoT damage with its own. Find Your Center • Face-puncher is a legendary shotgun whose damage is tied to your melee damage. It is worth mentioning that the Face Puncher has the benefit of unique flavor text Man Your Own Jackhammer, capable of launching an explosion as powerful as your melee attack if all the pellets hit. Skill Tree Face Puncher is a world drop in Borderlands 3. Only verified seller on eBay providing the rarest and most difficult to obtain Borderlands 3 items with 100% positive feedback and the fastest in-game item delivery anywhere online. Infusion • If Amara's action skill matches the weapon's element, impact damage will be the same as if Infusion wasn't used, for example 60% fire + 40% fire = 100% fire. Passive Fist of the Elements XBOX Borderlands 3 MODDED “Redundant Face-Puncher” INFINITE AMMO DAMAGE LEVEL 65. Returning Characters How To Get The Face Puncher Shotgun in Borderland 3 The Face Puncher can be found randomly within some loot boxes. Tempest • The Face-puncher and other melee damage activates augments, too!- Action Skill Augments that work with this Class Mod: ‍ Revelation, Glamour, Stillness of Mind, Allure Shooting Star (skill) • Light Fantastic • This means that it can be found by looting weapon caches and hoping for the best. This skill converts a portion of damage dealt by Amara's weapons into elemental damage of the same type as her Action Skill element. This skill converts a portion of damage dealt by Amara's weapons into elemental damage of the same type as her Action Skill element. Borderlands Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Although, there's a method in increasing the likeness of it spawning. Since it shoots your melee damage and Amara has multiple melee buffs, this can potentially deal huge damage. Violent Tapestry • For example, if the weapon's element is Shock but Amara's action skill element is Fire, the weapon will deal 92% shock and 8% fire damage. Borderlands 3. Minimum Level Blight Tiger • You can help Borderlands Wiki by expanding it. The Borderlands 3 Face-Puncher is a Legendary shotgun that does basically one thing and one thing only - it deals melee damage scaling off your melee damage values. Forceful Expression • Borderlands 3 Infusion is a tier 1 passive skill in Amara 's Fist of the Elements skill tree. By using our Services, you agree to our use of cookies.Learn More. Borderlands 3 – How to get Face Puncher Face-Puncher – Weapon Description. Borderlands 3 has a lot of legendary weapons waiting to drop at all corners of its world, but only one fires the power of melee attacks: the Facepuncher gun. Nesta nova edição de Borderlands 3, forneceremos uma série de indicações que o servirão para que você possa obter a lendária espingarda Face Puncher, já que será uma arma muito útil para você. They have a small +5% Critical Hit damage bonus. Every character has an infinitude of skill tree possibilities. Infusion reduces a weapon's original element damage by 8% per rank and adds 8% with Amara's action skill element. Sustainment • Face puncher with +300 weapon damage anointment (and blade attachment) Butt Plug/Psycho Stabber (are anointments here possible?) Hits twice: 1: Shoot them in the face. Borderlands 3 Amara build guide. Anima • Face-puncher: N: Muldock: Guns of Reliance: Floodmoor Basin: Shoots your melee dmg: x7, x14: 1-2: Man your own jackhammer. This is basically what you should know about this guide on how to get Face Puncher in Borderlands 3. In this page, you will find more information about what this weapon does, where you can find it, and what stats it can roll. This Skill Tree is only available to owners of Borderlands 3: Designer’s Cut. 3 Então confira aqui. Steady Hand(s) • Atman • Fast Hand(s) • If you are looking for unique legendary shotguns in Borderlands 3, then this one will surely catch your eye. Laid Bare • Avatar • say the action skill element is Incendiary damage and you're using the Face-puncher, assuming that the Face-puncher does 100 damage to the enemy, and that you have 5 points in Infusion (cuz 50%), half the damage dealt to the enemy will be Incendiary and the other half will be kinetic/physical. Stillness of Mind • Amara Deep Well • Borderlands 3 skill tree details are subject to change. Downfall • If you combine this with the 100% melee damage on action skill end, it can dish out massive damage to enemies. oh And any updated face puncher build after all the updates. This means that if Amara's action skill element is the same as the weapon's element, impact damage is unaffected while status effect damage is actually decreased. TABLE OF CONTENTS OF THIS PAGE 1. In this case, Infusion is a pure disadvantage. Gearbox. Ascendant • Soul Sap • Combo Breaker • This article is a stub. If there’s a boss that drops randomized legendary loot, it … No Mistakes In Nature • Transcend • Maximum Points As the Face-puncher deals melee damage, it cannot score a critical hit. Vigor, Phasecast Borderlands 3 Face-puncher legendary shotgun is a new legendary weapon that you can get in the game. Joyfull Freedom • Twice. Cold Hearted • ... Borderlands 3: Splits into 3 projectiles. Tandava • Deliverance • Wildfire, Phaseflare Which has its ups and downs. Because it deals that type of damage, enemies immune to melee and things like cars won’t take any punishment from the Facepuncher. It is called the Redundant Face-Puncher and it has some unique features. Face-Puncher with 300/90 anointment, obviously. Free The Soul • Borderlands 3 is packed with Easter eggs, reference, and secrets — and in this guide, we’re focusing on the best of the bunch.. Conflux • With 5/5 in Infusion, a Cryo or Radiation weapon can only do 60% of its damage in that element, the rest will be whatever Amara's action skill element is (fire, shock, or corrosive). For Class Mods, Breaker is significantly better than any other option. Its damage output is increased by melee bonuses from all sources, so it can be very powerful with melee builds with a lot of such bonuses; but it also benefits from some (but not all) gun damage bonuses for even higher damage potential. Allure • Phaseslam Wrath, Phasegrasp #GameTechie Borderlands 3: Your guide to Amara, the phase blasting, face-punching, bonafide badass. Only thing I should mention is that the "Increased Weapons Damage" on the face puncher does nothing btw, the Face Puncher does not benefit from Weapons damage, Manufacturer damage, or Shotgun damage - only Melee damage increases affect it. This applies to both impact damage and Status effect damage. Clear The Mind. Jab Cross • Ebb and Flow • Tier In terms of shields, the best in-slot is Ward, a fairly reliable legendary drop from one of Borderlands 3's great bosses: Graveward. Arms Deal • Predatory Lending for when out of ammo/range (and because I freaking love the gun) Any gun with cryo? Amara can become an absolute beast thanks to one weapon: The Face-Puncher. Reverberation • The Face-puncher's damage doesn't count as Shotgun Damage. The Face-puncher's ability should be considered an extension of the character's melee attack. Namely, even though it’s a gun, it deals melee damage. Having a weapon deal damage of two different elements at the same time gives a chance of applying two different status effects at the same time, which is beneficial to the Violent Tapestry skill. Helping Hand(s) • Heavy Rain • For example, converting 40% of its non-elemental damage to fire will significantly increase its damage output against flesh targets. Do unto Others • If won't "nerf" your elemental weapons damage too much, but also give your non elementals enough infusion damage to make a good difference. Root to Rise • If you want to one melee almost every enemy in the game this is for sure the build for you! If you plan to use the Face Puncher but also want to switch to other elemental weapons from time to time for general mobbing, 3/5 points in Infusion and 2/5 in Anima is a good balance. 1 Fist over Matter • We finally have a mayhem 10 pure melee build! Please see my page for many other hard to find Borderlands 3 items. Clarity • Massive damage due to the combined effects of melee and gun damage buffs, even when Groundbreaker is not being buffed. Remnant • Effect Borderlands 3 prides itself on having thousands upon thousands of weapon types, and players might find themselves coming across this weapon as a rare drop. I already have the phase slam 200% melee on my shield so I can’t stack the same siren anointed perk.