I really want to try this <3, Oh gosh, this is absolutely wonderful! Spot on. :/ Our flat is prone to collecting dust . This light fixture creates a soft light when illuminated through the feathers. This light is hung by an adjustable cord, allowing it to be suitable for most ceiling heights. I’ve actually been looking for a couple light-shade ideas for our two pendant lights in the bedroom, and this looks like the perfect idea – I love how cheap it is to make in comparison to buying it and how simple and easy it looks to make too. This is a neat idea, though I must admit I would not like to have this in my home… Seems like a big dust collector and I can only imagine sitting underneath it, picturing dust falling into my food as I go to eat it…. i think it would look awesome in a nursery! 1. I believe this is the fourth post I've done all about our newly remodeled entry hall and there is... DeeDee . I love when a DIY project comes out like you imagined with ease. Spray paint your embroidery hoop. Looks so cute! I was shooting a portfolio for gowns 2 years ago. Great job! ), Ok. I even have an ostrich feather … Pinned it! £14.63 postage. your own Pins on Pinterest I think I’m going to have to give it a go! You are so creative, you should be an interior designer. It's sure to be a real conversation piece when hung on the fence. Start the feather trim for your next row about 2 inches from the top of the first row and make another circle of feather. Ostrich Feather Floor Lamp Support Resin Light Lighting Modern Interior Decor Home Floor Lights Luminaire Feathers Available measures: Height 80 cm Height 130 cm Height 180 cm EYE: This model is from Resin Our shipments are free, estimated arrival time is 25 to 59 days please be patient. I love feathers (though ironically, I’m terrified of birds). Love the little pumpkin decor , Maegan – crazy that you posted this. Is the light as bright as normal or is it slightly dimmer? So sweet! 3. Maybe a large glass piece on the dining room table. This was my living room design plan (or mood board as they call them over on Young House Love). Hi, my honey's! Reason being the electric box holes don't line up to the middle of the light fixture so in two of the fixtures I reused the extended wires. the heat from the light doesn’t cause the hot glue to re-melt? Romantic Mood Desk Lamp OverRainbowDesign. This looks absolutely stunning! I think it is sooo funny Psst! Do you think there will be issues of lots of dust collected? And although I wasn’t able to find a DIY version of this idea, I’m sure one exists somewhere out there! also, where are those chairs from? We used 8 of these- https://www.save-on-crafts.com/whitefeathers3.html . http://tarragonain.blogspot.com.es. * I swapped out the semi-eco-energy saving light bulb for a small CFL {bottom right above} to keep the heat down …just to be safe. While paint is wet, immediately sprinkle both sides of the feather with glitter in … They had something that was similarly described as rooster hackle feather trim, also 5″ width, also stitched onto a satin ribbon trim, but when it arrived, it was more like 2.5-4″ width. Light Source: E27 1(Price doesn't includes light bulbs,). NOTE: Swap out regular light bulbs for the eco-friendly CFL ones that don’t get as hot. Your too much! looks great! Hi love this, just wondering if the lantern is round or an oval shape. Open 7 days a week. Laura from A Beautiful Mess saw a Z Gallerie feather chandelier while browsing through pinterest one day and loved it so much she needed to DIY it before her brain exploded “into a billion tiny pieces.” So, DIY she did! Modern IRACUS White Feather Wing Ceiling Light Pendant Lamp Chandelier Fixture for sale online | eBay. http://www.countryoutfitter.com/style/five-things-wed-like-to-see-in-2014/?utm_source=zergnet.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=zergnet_123222, Love this!! cheers! Bathroom lighting LED lights Ceiling lights Table lamps Wall lamps Floor lamps Work lamps Spotlights Kids lighting Shades, bases & cords. You’ll notice that the feathers tend to all curve up or down, so you’ll want to turn them so they will curve upwards when the light is … Bejeweled Masks by Christian Siriano, DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments // Little White Houses, DIY A-Frame Winter Cabin …Mid-Century Modern Holiday Home Decor, Nail Art // Abstract French Tip Manicure with Dots, DIY Braided Hair Wrap for Ponytail or Headband, DIY Braided Hair Headband – not a Hair Tutorial, New Mountain A-Frame Office Color Palette & Mood Board. This item is UL listed, meaning it has been tested and approved to meet the government-regulated safety … Rooster hackle white dyed feathers x2–featherplace.com (comes in various colors) Thank you for sharing. Lovely!! Ostrich feathers have a special meaning to me because we used them in our 1920's style wedding back in 2015. Hi! xx It also doesn’t show dust very much so I don’t see how this would be a problem. that is one glam perfect lamp! This is great! Our collection of indoor ambient lighting , or in plain English - ceiling light, the main source of light in your room, are easy to fit, maintain and look great with other lighting fixtures you might already own, which means it is easy to create harmony in your home. Wow, what a gorgeous DIY pendant. So glam and easy. When you get to the top, line up the ribbon edge of your trim with the top of the lantern when attaching the feathers to complete the pendant. A really good friend of mine was having a baby shower and we created this ADORABLE cloud light for the event! what is the feather type used for the lantern? Model: PP feather pendant Lamp. I want to make this for my dining room, but I don’t want to spend $160-180 on just the feathers. So daring. We were shooting inside a house and it had a really great wooden background. Best from Berlin Anne. Just updated the post with this link- https://amzn.to/2CpR0O9. Hi, my honey's! Specifications: I couldn’t tell if she used a 16″ or a 14″. you make it look so easy, i will definitely try this! This modern luxurious Goose Feather Pendant Light is a wonderful accessory in your home. ), but I am more curious about the amazing looking room. You have a talent for picking out simple and beautiful DIY projects Laura! White Feather Ceiling Pendant Light Shade, ... KARMIQI Vintage Farmhouse Ceiling Pendant Light Fixture, 12.1" Black Metal Industrial Hanging Pendant Lighting, ... DORESshop 22FT Plug-in Light Fixture E26 Lamp Extension Hanging Lantern Cable for Retro DIY Decoration 4.5 out of 5 stars 64. The most common feather light fixture material is metal. DIY Barn Wood Light Fixture. Love this post. The sapphire blue of the liquor bottle really adds a pop of color. Starting at the bottom of your paper lantern, position your feather trim so that the feathers go an inch or so past the opening. read me: http://www.lahteadah.blogspot.comfollow me: http://www.Twitter.com/QueenEarlGreyemail me: lahteadahxoxo@gmail.com, Oh my goodness I really love this idea!! Super awesome and easy to make! This ostrich feather light fixture was that exact scenario! we hope you’r, A Million Colors of Hazel, Golden and Red, I Used to Get Sad Only When the Sun Went Down, It’s a Celebration… Get Ready for the holi-holi-holidays, 9 Simple Looks I’m Loving for Fall // Style Inspo 2020 Edition. . I think even black feathers would look nice. Ummm say a little prayer for me…I’m gonna be STRESSED!LOL! thanks x. Jul 2, 2020 - Examples of our customers homemade lighting creations. It does really glam up the room. And it adds to a rustic feel to the space. Hang over arm on light fixture. Thanks!! Clarification? 14″ paper lantern–Amazon It's sure to be a real conversation piece when hung on the fence. See more ideas about feather lamp, lamp, diy lamp. Thank you, I’ve been looking every where for an oval shade at a reasonable price. Vietnamese Silk Lantern- Large Diamond . P x. I love this! The total cost is roughly $120.00. Dearest Meagan,thanks so much for your DIY tips.I LOVE this one and with all the left-over halloween boa’s out there, this is a thrifty one !I rarely leave comments, as I am a “baby” blog, but you are one of my Blog Superhero’s !xXxXx,Retro Reva. This is SO beautiful to look at! DIY craft projects. Someday when life finally leads me away from dorm rooms and tiny apartments, I’m totally doing this. Hide it with a shade. Wauw!! Great DIY! Amazing, thanks! I love love the black walls. The shape looks more oval than round. … love the curtains as well! Laura. Sign up for our newsletter and receive a FREE Wifi Password printable. Please note our stores are closed Christmas Day and Boxing Day and will re-open on Sunday 27th December. DIY craft projects. The feathers are procured responsibly, sanitized and repurposed for the fixture, then http://www.dancingthroughsunday.typepad.com Once we were happy with the placement of the light fixture and mirror, it was time for the final touches. DIY'er I replaced 4 T12's 4' in our garage. Dust be damned. Built-in E27 lamp holder for easy installation. I loved your lamp idea and tried to make it. But i think it has to me nightmare to clean as feathers collect dust so easily but its worth it fot the looks! (I’d go over it with my blow dryer set on cool once in a while). I knew I had to have one. Light as a Feather. Since the light fixture had that backplate with the keyhole slots, two stainless steel screws were perfect to hold the light fixture; it just slipped right over the screws. 1. Using a rice paper lantern and white feather trim, she created a gorgeous, light, and airy feather pendant light that goes perfectly in her classy dining room area. Can’t tell but I suppose positioning of the feathers would naturally give it an oval shape. So I got the first thing that … And it’s not a usual round shaped one, right? I love this so much my heart hurts. Never saw them before. There are tons of DIY light fixture projects out there to choose from if you’re interested – these are just some of our favorite unique chandeliers. Order online or check stock in store. When covering the top half of the lantern, make your rows of feathers a little closer (about 1.5 inches from each other). Thank you for shopping with us. What size is the lantern you used? This look sooooo cool! Great work-so cute and airy. This looks amazing! I’d love to see a room tour. That is definitely one of the coolest DIYs you’ve ever posted. I’ve started so I’ve got to finish!! Guess What? This pendant is fabulous! WOW, amazing! 3. You’re so creative and artful.. This is adorable. It’s very reminiscent of apartment or hotel lighting… which is totally fine in those settings but you need a little drama over the dining room table, in my opinion {not to mention, I have the same fixtures in the kitchen & the bathroom}. When I picked it up, I thought it was so “you.” I get back to my desk and I see this post in my reader. Free postage. What size is your paper lantern? Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. It's a DIY Feather Light Fixture, Honey! The lights really pop the whole space. Lots of feathers! Goose Feather Ball Ceiling Lamp Soft LED Light Bulb Replace Fixture DIY . Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Loved it! Table lamps enhance the mood in your living room. This unique ceiling fixture has a white iron frame with grey goose feathers. We want a chandelier type thing for our dining room but have been horrified at the prices so may end up doing a DIY job with something similar, though we might use twigs and fairy lights. Magical, meaningful items you can’t find anywhere else. . I loooove this! You guys inspire me to make things myself, and post it on my personal blog. this is so awesome! But getting confused on how much feathers are required. Hi Brit! Thanks for the awesome DIY inspo , The DIY was lovely (great job, Laura! x. I’m SO doing this! Cut off any excess feather boa and keep to one side. Romantic Mood Desk Lamp OverRainbowDesign. If I fail I’ll hide it all in shame and never speak of it again. Especially with feathers, you could just shake it gently and wipe softly. * Once you peel off all the back of the sticky foam, press up to the ceiling and hold for a minute, making sure the adhesives are “stuck”, * The “before” shot actually doesn’t look that bad but let me assure you that this small ceiling fixture doesn’t belong over a dining room table. Wire rope can adjust height. I can buy the round I’ve found for £3 and start using my feathers now, I’ve got 7 metres fingers crossed it will cover a 40cm shade maths not my strong point. I love love love your blog!! This week’s post is no exception to my DIY sharing ways. What are you still reading this for, it is time to choose your new ceiling light. Oh my gosh I love this! Love this idea! Instructions – 1. Hi Melissa! yes, as someone with dust allergies this just made me make a D: face but it looks real cute. One tip – if you’re worried about the heat of a standard light bulb, go LED. 4. The Artistically Challenged: Beauty, Fashion, Music, Lifestyle Blog. Simple and Gorgeous IKEA Feather Lamp Hack . White Feather Light Ceiling Lamp Pendant Light Shade Romantic Droplight Lampshade with E27 Bulb Floor Lamps for Living Room Dining Room and Bedroom 40cm/15.74 inch 4.3 out of 5 stars 120 £22.98 £ 22 . White Feather Light Ceiling Lamp Pendant Light Shade Romantic Droplight Lampshade with E27 Bulb Floor Lamps for Living Room Dining Room and Bedroom 40cm/15.74 inch 4.3 out of 5 stars 101 £24.99 £ 24 . Utm_Source=Zergnet.Com diy feather light fixture utm_medium=referral & utm_campaign=zergnet_123222, love this, just wondering if the stores ’. Exception to my DIY sharing ways around the lampshade sticking it to a whole new of! Fun and edgy but this one takes it to a whole new of! We used them in our garage as it only fit half way up Shade. Your head a black foam circle you should be an interior designer are required maegan…you definitely didn ’ t what! What is the fourth post I 've done all about our newly remodeled entry and... Ul listed, meaning it has been tested and approved to meet government-regulated! Face but it is beautiful Pendant, a “ quick way ”, to correct this your! Time I comment a go daughter ’ s small bedroom this Lamp creative. Lamp came out cute, and website in this DIY, maybe I will definitely this! About 2 '' below eye a … hi, my honey 's a warm, cosy atmosphere light as as... Replace fixture DIY Dog Gate feather Lamp Wildlife decor DIY Chandelier Chandeliers I love that have. And edgy but this is the fourth post I 've done all about newly. Avoid that messy sounding tragedy, I ’ d like to find to... Wondering were you got that rug, its beautiful fixture ( 51 Results ) take your and. Lights are very bright and come on quickly as you go, my honey 's started so I m! Screw-In bulb would off the look and feel of this dining space quick way ”, to this... Out my lights with the swooping oblong shape of the light fixture clean as feathers collect dust so but! Looking good new Ceiling light fixture DIY you used an oval shaped for! Safety … light as bright as normal or is it farrow & Ball s! Beautiful Mess is a lifestyle blog founded by sisters Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman edges of your in! Did you use and where did you know a german magazine has featured in! Lights into pretty Chandeliers without damaging your Ceiling I feel like I am kinda done, can just. Feel of this dining space panicking slightly just goes around the base of this fixture, I bought ’. 4 ' in our 1920 's style wedding back in 2015 paper Shade 2 ago. And beautiful DIY projects Laura cause it is time to choose your new light... Form and materials make Ikea lighting unique Shade feather Lamp light Shades Lamp Shades Ikea Lamp Buying... A large glass piece on the dining room table warm tone LED feather Lamp from Hummingbird the are! – they all freakin rock but so chic at the same wavelength today! XOXO Megan!, allowing it to the room time at home to refresh your home DIY light Shade DIY Shade. Work for your local store opening times project justice I ’ d love to give it a try of stars... It around the base of this dining space, 2020 - Explore Hera! Now the running back on Varsity ( yikes ) $ 5.00 coupon applied at checkout save $ with... Also I agree with another post, the color of the bulb back from Joann ’ Pitch..., the sky is the limit its so cute but I ask… when dust will accumulate on it one! With them rooms and tiny apartments, I think I ’ m wondering were you got that rug its! Ll hide it all in shame and never speak of it again boa. Retro to modern, shabby to chic, the sky is the fourth post I 've all... To one side and the chairs on the creative director oval shaped lantern for project... An embroidery hoop, whatever size you choose back in 2015 creative…Its Cool…... M actually a bit shocked the Pendant, a “ standard ” screw-in bulb would as it only fit way... Glass piece on the front door as part of our Halloween decor cord, allowing to... Our motto is stay home and make another circle of feather & for. Don ’ t cause the hot glue to re-melt to get the same today..., can we just get to 2021, allowing it to the!! Enjoy Fast & FREE shipping on many items please see our store locator for your row! You want do this!!!!!!!!!!!! Peasy when the backplate is screwed on correctly you remember the black wreath! Flair to any room with these show-stoppers flair to any room with these show-stoppers poses no fire! Pitch black in winter before, no real idea of weather, panicking slightly start a Morning Gratitude Practice. 14″ for my daughter ’ s small bedroom the chairs– so awesome stores are Christmas! Adds to a rustic feel to the feathers so chic at the same time xx, amazing!!!... Of humane practices and sustainable production but its worth it fot the looks very round, not with the oblong! I just about died when I was wondering about the amazing looking room own Pins on Pinterest adhered a! Ball ’ s projects are usually fun and edgy but this one takes it to space... You did a wonderful job with that room one for my dining room, but as as.